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The longer term is female. This is the pattern of the previous UK astrological chart of January 1, It has a variety of rigorous elements involving ladies 's planets and asteroids. I'm positive you will notice a reference to the princess Dianaan. This portray of the Roman goddess Diana Simon Vouet. In accordance with her own delivery chart she is a wild image of freedom, independence, feminism and ladies. Astrologer, writer and educational Liz Greene revealed 14 years in the past in Some of these modifications might embrace a brand new interpretation of the monarchy or the transition between the Church and the State, and between the ruler and the government.

The character of the UK itself might have to be redefined extra flexibly and creatively, and it should embrace new approaches from individual models — Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. This may increasingly also apply to nations which are related to the UK by way of widespread bonds, corresponding to Australia and New Zealand. When the UK's delivery delivery horoscope appeared in , Ceres dominated.

When Queen Victoria arrived as a ruler, destiny opened. Ceres is a logo of girls's power, compromise, and much to do. Although there are new charts on the British Isles over the subsequent 50 years, the previous components still has words. The disintegration of the UK and the Commonwealth is assured by the previous horoscope, which units the country and its companions around the globe, comparable to Australia and New Zealand, in a deadly path.

Eire's most influential and vital new leaders are ladies. The "goddesses" of the astrological chart come to life. From left to right you will notice Minerva, Venus with an previous euro coin and Juno. They are additionally asteroids on a personal delivery map. Minerva symbolizes knowledge. Venus, your need for relationships. Juno, your commitments. Ladies have taken the lead in the life and politics of Eire for decades.

The previous financial system is not there when Uranus has stopped its financial revolution. A part of the reason for the autumn of Eire Displaying Astrological Tendencies is the taking of Internet monopolies that arrive once we see heavy Capricorn weather circumstances, especially in January and continuing until This can be a very lengthy journey to the longer term, but examine your personal delivery chart in case you are a Premium member. The new world commerce and the world financial system are digital and are accompanied by a totally totally different market from Dublin to New York — from Sydney to Delhi.

Are you prepared?

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Are your private start maps along with the previous UK horoscope in the above-mentioned characters and levels? In that case, this variation in the nation is personal.


An enormous change immediately affects your family's circle. Astrology is actually international, which impacts local — giant splashes that create smaller colors that additionally have an effect on you. We transfer to a new, quite unbiased, separate nation with its personal money currencies Ireland first leaves previous Eurosystem paper and cash , ie a totally totally different commerce by Council News:.

With over thirty attendees, we were pleased to see so many members, several of whom had travelled quite a distance just for the day. We had two wonderful speakers, Cat Cox and Simon Bentley who gave us plenty of food for thought. Victor Olliver has written about the day see below. We are delighted to welcome Victor Olliver as our new Media Officer, but sad to say good bye to Deike. Paul Summerfield remained as Council member. We do need more members to come on council. We try to have one face to face meeting a year, with the other meetings being via conference call.

It is now becoming rather important that we get at least two more council members in order to ensure smooth running of the Association for the future.

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Please contact myself or any of the Council members if you would like to know more. Their photograph appears below. Other recipients were:. Next year will see the 25 th anniversary. Council thought it appropriate to amalgamate the celebrations with next years annual AGM and Open Day which will be held on the 25 th April at Liss. Put this date in your diary now! The last time Christeen took a workshop, it was a sell out!

The Ad appears at the end of the Newsletter. Please pin this to your website or FB page. With the Scottish Referendum fast approaching, I asked Anne Whittaker if she could write something for us as the Referendum would be over by the time of our next newsletter. She kindly obliged and we are grateful to her for her input. Thank you Anne.

If you would like to contribute an article for the next newsletter, please feel free! Open Day.

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A most calming setting when matters got heated. Sceptics who imagine that astrology appeals only to dreamy sky- gawpers would have had their eyes opened. The first talk certainly generated diverse opinion — perhaps inevitably. Simon actively encouraged members to debate chart interpretations — an opportunity taken up with considerable relish by many in the audience. A surprise and welcome attendee, Roy Gillett — President of the Astrological Association of Great Britain — contributed much additional insight from his own studies.

How objective astrologers can remain in examining a contentious issue was perhaps not addressed — some contributors had very strong feelings on the issue so that it was not always clear which came first: the astrology or the opinion. After a delicious lunch prepared by Jennie Scott and her team, the mood altered. If Simon Bentley based his analysis on literal moments of birth of people and nations as well as events Cat examined the history of and myths behind horary and electional astrology — the one draws up a chart based on the time of the question while the other seeks to find the most auspicious moment for a given event such as a wedding.

He was commissioned to identify the most propitious moment for her crowning. He advised 15 January , around noon at Westminster.

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The chosen launch time could not have been bettered. Pragmatic chart work tells a different story. It was a magical way to end a perfect day.

An Astrological Interlude: Brexit

Victor Olliver. Be careful what you wish for Uranus, Pluto and the Scottish Independence Referendum. In our minute corner of the Milky Way galaxy, in that barely noticeable solar system of which our tiny Earth is part, ingenious humans aeons ago devised a symbol system, based on observation of the relationship between planetary movements and human behaviour. They were thus able to unlock what the meaning s of those energy shifts might be. We astrologers are still observing — and what an especially interesting time this is in which to be doing so!

Astrologers, however, do not have an observational monopoly. A highly notable effect has been massively disruptive and often violent falling out of love between established nations , their leaders and populations. The most dramatic , extreme expression of this is the 'Arab Spring' which has been sweeping across the Middle East since December 0 in Tunisia.

Street trader Mohamed Bouazizi's despairing self-immolation in that country triggered off massive popular uprisings which swept away dictators like Egypt's Mubarak and Gaddafi in Libya. Its current major manifestation is the ghastly civil war in Syria which shows no signs of abating in its grotesque destructiveness. In the meantime, Libya is descending into a chaos of fighting factions, whilst Egypt appears to have replaced its democratically elected civilian president Morsi , swiftly deposed by people power, with yet another military-backed president and government. Be careful what you wish for ….

Uranus in Aries is immediate and not very nuanced in its headlong pursuit of a new, ideal social order which is - per se - bound to be better than the old, discarded one.

Nothing short of revolution, achieved by force if necessary, is its aim. Caught up in the passion of the moment, a leap into the unknown is acceptable, exciting. Reasoned, hard-headed contemplation of consequences is not high on revolutionary agenda s. Uranus: the revolutionary egg breaker. Liz Greene offers a succinct caveat regarding the Uranian archetype in action, thus:. Nor does it recognise the reality of individual human feeling.